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Atomic symbol - N
Atomic weight - 14.00674
Atomic number - 7
Electron configuration - 2-5
Oxidation states - .1, .2, .3, +4, +5
State of matter - gas
Discovered in 1772 by Daniel Rutherford
Boils at -195.8 .C, melts at -209.86 .C

The principal source of combined nitrogen is the guano deposits found along
the coast of Chile. These are bird droppings that accumulated over centuries
and contain as much as 50% sodium nitrate. It is usally obtained by the
fractional distallation of liquid air. The process of including nitrogen to
combine chemically with other substances is known is the fixation of nitrogen.
Lots of nitrogen is used in the fixation processes which produce the raw
materials for fertilizers, explosives, drugs, and dyes. It is used in rooms
which store explosives, and in light bulbs to lengthen the life of the
filament by preventing its oxidation.

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