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Atomic symbol - H
Atomic weight - 1.00794
Atomic number - 1
Electron configuration - 1
Oxidation states - .1
State of matter - gas
Alkali metal
Discovered in 1790 by Henry Cavendish
Boiling point: -252.8 .C
Melting point is -259.14 .C
        Free hydrogen is rare because of the reactivity of this element.
Hydrogen is not very reactive at room temerature but at higher temperatures
it burns vigorously, and often explosively, in air or oxygen to form water.
In the presence of a catalyst and under pressure hydrogen will combine with
vegetable oils to form solid fats used as shortening, this process is known as
hydrogeation. This process is extensivly used in the refining of oil products
to increase the yields of gasoline. It's also commonly used to make ammonia
and many other chemical substances. Other uses are to fuel rockets and in fuel
cells to generate electricity.

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