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Atomic symbol - C
Atomic weight - 12.011
Atomic number - 6
Electron configuration - 2-4
Oxidation states - +2, .4
State of matter - solid
Discovered in ancient times
Sublimes, melts at 3600 .C

Carbon is found free as the mineral graphite or diamonds. It is essential to
all animal and plant life. Graphite in large crystals is mined, or is obtained
by heating coke and pitch in furnaces at very high temperatures. Volatiles are
driven off and large graphite crystals grow in the furnace. Graphite crystals
are made up of sheets of carbon atoms and is black in color. Graphite is used
as a lubricant and when molded with clay, forms pencil leads. Graphite is also
used as electrodes for batteries and electric arc furnaces. It is an important
ingredient in stove polish and some paints.

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