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Home > Articles > How To Pay Your ITLnet Bill Online

How To Pay Your ITLnet Bill Online

You can now pay your ITLnet bill on-line. Just click on My Account and then Pay Bill.

More information about Online Pay

You can now pay your ITLnet bill online with your credit card (Visa, Master Card, or Discover only) or by a checking account withdrawal.

Note: if you are already paying your bill automatically with your credit card or checking account. Your payment has been processed already Thank you.

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If you have any questions or comments just call our offices at 1-800-253-4001. Our accounting department is open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Close weekends and major holidays.

After you make your payment, you will be sent e-mail with a confirmation notice.

Your payment will be posted to your credit card or checking account within 3 business days.

If your account is under suspension, you will not be re-activated until your payment has been processed (typically not until the next business day). If you have any questions about this call our accounting department at the number above.

For your security, many ITLnet business accounts have had the on-line payment access turned off. Contact our offices so we can turn it on for you.